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CREATE Legal is not a law firm with fancy swivel chairs and ringed imprints from coffee cups on our mahogany desks. This firm aims to be a community where creative souls can receive the guidance, support and understanding they need to continue to flourish in their fruitful endeavors.

If you are just stopping by the CREATE Legal blog definitely pop in for another visit! Anne and Jessica will be featuring articles in this blog aimed to raise points of awareness in your creative field. In addition to being powerful, brilliant and savvy women, we are both artists, writers, actors and non profit volunteers who understand the common challenges of these fields through real life experiences.

Photo of Managing Attorney Anne Ho
Don’t be fooled by her lovely smile and sharp acting skills. Anne, your Managing Attorney extraordinaire, has years of solid business experience spanning across multiple industries including international economic law, international development, and corporate governance. Most recently, as an Associate at Glass Lewis, she advised institutional investors on proxy shareholder voting related to executive compensation. She worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to examine rule of law developments in Asian countries. On the Legal Referral Services team at California Lawyers for the Arts, she assisted artists and arts organizations with their legal referral requests. Over the past decade, she has provided advisory research and recommendations on business and legal matters to nonprofits, social enterprises, and international NGOs.

All that in addition to being a commercial actress and model, appearing in theater, film, television, industrial, and print! Yeah, she is truly what you call a “Renaissance Woman”. Anne has spent long days on set, wrestled with her demons while exploring character roles and poured over pages of actor releases to ensure correct legal terminology. She understands life on the creative edge.

     Community Manager Jessica Buchleitner

Your chatty Community Manager Jessica Buchleitner has several years experience in working with corporate liability and experience in immigration law. When she is not pounding away at her keyboard responding to tweets and authoring blogs for CREATE Legal, Jessica works as a freelance journalist with a concentration in human rights. She is currently wrapping up a book called “50 Women” featuring 50 stories of strength and perseverance told by women from 30 countries. Her articles and very opinionated Op Eds have appeared in numerous publications. In March 2012 she served as an NGO delegate at the United Nations 56th annual session of the Commission on the Status of Women. She has served as a volunteer English as a Second Language teacher to local refugee families and has worked with several other local non profits as a volunteer in various ways.

Jessica is also an actress with previous appearances in film, theater, print and as a spokesperson where she was forced to wear fancy dresses and lots of jewelry. Like Queen Anne, she has real world experience with film and writing legalities.

We are your “people”. Every genius has to have “people”, right?

CREATE Legal is proudly here to handle all of your questions concerning odysseys of the mind.

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