Nonprofit Formation

You’re a special kind of awesome when you start an organization that seeks to create positive social change. With the privilege of running a nonprofit, however, you must follow governance and reporting rules specific to the nonprofit sector. And these rules can get pretty complex. CREATE Legal will help you understand these rules, prepare and maintain the necessary documents, and make sure your nonprofit is legally compliant so you can confidently go on to change the world.

Contact CREATE Legal for the following nonprofit formation services:

  • Flat fee rates for formation of 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations
  • Preparation and review of bylaws and financial budgets
  • Consultation on fiscal sponsorship arrangements
  • Management of intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets
  • Preparation of annual Form 990s and other reporting documents
  • Consultation on charitable gifts, trusts, and endowments
  • Consultation on accounting and tax
    issues specific to tax-exempt
    nonprofit organizations
  • Consultation on fundraising,
    marketing, board management,
    and lobbying issues specific to
    tax-exempt nonprofit organizations